2013 Wedding Trends

With the 2013 wedding season in full swing, we thought it would be fun to compile a list of FUN trends we’ve been seeing at this year’s receptions!

There Is No Right & Wrong!

The most important trend is creativity! Before we even begin to highlight other couple’s creativity, the trend that stands out most is individuality! One awesome example is a wedding this past weekend that skipped the cliche wedding party dance and played a competitive game of wedding party flip cup instead, now that’s a fun way to kick off a reception!

At The Bar: Craft Beer & Custom Cocktails

Long gone are the days of Miller Lite & Budweiser kegs. Craft brews are the hot ticket this year! From staples like Dogfish Head to locally and home-brewed beer, we’re seeing more and more distinct brews this year.

Another new trend at the bar are custom crafted cocktails served to guests of the bride and groom, often times the hand-crafted cocktails have fun names and color schemes that match the reception’s decor!


Social media is the norm these days, from Facebook  and Twitter to Instagram and the new favorite Vine. We’re seeing a lot of couples use a designated hashtag for their reception to  make it easier to navigate their guests posts on their big day!


This trend has exploded over the past few years and shows no sign of slowing down. Uplighting creates an awesome atmosphere, is affordable and can be customized to match almost any color palette you can imagine.


Everyone’s favorite salty, cured (or uncured) pork dish is showing up a lot at weddings this year!

Late Night Snacks

After a night or dancing and celebrating, your guests are sure to have the munchies! We’ve seen everything from pretzels to hot dogs, Philly cheesesteaks and  even ice cream carts!

Nightclub-infused Music Selections

Remember when weddings were synonymous with the Chicken Dance and the Electric Slide? We’re seeing more and more couples add the cheesy stuff to their ‘Do Not Play’ list and requesting more and more club staples like LMFAO, EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and current pop tracks to their must plays to create a more energetic dance party.

DIY Decor

With ideas from Pinterest, Brides and Grooms are more often inspired to create some really cool decor and personal touches for their big day.


Last but not least we’ve got mustaches. Yes, mustaches! The strange-but-fun trend of 2013’s pop culture has definitely been mustaches and we’ve seen some fun infusions this year. Fun examples have been photo booth props, tables labeled with different types of mustaches and these really fun ceremony program mustaches.



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