DJ Spotlight: Alex Nepa

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Our second DJ spotlight is on our General Manager, Alex Nepa. Alex has been a defining part of Penn State nightlife since he started with Local Motion in 2003. Alex is known as an innovator industry wide having performed at nightclubs and venues in cities from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Virginia Beach, Vegas and beyond. Having performed at over 220 weddings, Alex is an expert at the art of rocking a dancefloor and is a best selling remix artist as part of the CVRBND remix team. DJs across the world play Alex’s remixes and edits at private events and nightclubs.

Known to most as “DJ Kid AV”, Alex is also contracted through Local Motion Entertainment as Indigo Nightclub’s Entertainment Director, booking and leading the entire team of DJs and special event entertainment for Penn State’s most popular nightclub. Here’s our spotlight on Alex…

DJ Stage Name: DJ Kid A.V.

What is your favorite type of music to spin?

My favorite type of music typically reflects the crowd. I’m a big fan of using psychology and reading the crowd in the specific room I’m playing to determine what’s going to make them move, shake and dance. Honestly, I’m a slave to the crowd I’m playing for – so if they’re having a great time, I’m typically having a great time as well! Of course, I do love house and dance music – so if the crowd enjoys that genre, it’s even more of a win-win.

Outside of the DJ world, what is your favorite type of music – and why?

Being a 90’s child I’m a big 90’s rock and rap guy. I also really, really, really like “bass” music, like 80’s and 90’s Miami bass stuff and Italo Disco which is in many ways the precurser to a lot of 80’s pop and the freestyle sound that was huge in New Jersey in the early 90’s. I collect records, and yes – I realize I’m a nerd!

What is your favorite thing about being a DJ?

I could probably write a several hundred page long book about why I feel that I’m the luckiest man alive and have the greatest career in the world, but to sum it up in a few paragraphs my favorite thing about being a DJ is being about to take my audience on a journey. I love walking into a room – whether it’s a dirty basement bar, to a lavish upscale nightclub or even an amazing wedding and feeling out the crowd, finding out what’s going to make them forget about their jobs, their bills, and life’s stress and let loose. I can’t describe the natural high that occurs once you’ve earned the crowds trust and they’re in the palm of your hands for the night. It’s truly amazing.

Tell us your most memorable DJ story…

Without question meeting Paul McCartney (OF THE BEATLES!) mid-set at G Lounge in Philly. It was a packed house in a great club when I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around it was Paul McCartney who personally came up to me and complimented me on my music. I was blown away. I was later told that he was with Neil Diamond (of Sweet Caroline fame) but I didn’t recognize Neil.

What are your hobbies outside of DJing?

I am a partner in a DJ marketing firm (Nightlife Media Labs) so that definitely keeps me busy. I really love the DJ industry and try to contribute as much as I possibly can to elevate both my own personal brand and other DJs. It’s my personal mission to eliminate the negative stigma associated with our industry and the few bad seeds that leave a sour taste in peoples mouths. But, when I’m not DJing I’m a fitness nerd. I love running marathons and Tough Mudder type events and take part in as many 5k’s as possible. I also love a delicious craft beer every now and then :-)

About the Author

Alex Nepa

Alex Nepa is Local Motion Entertainment's General Manager & Event Coordinator. Alex is an experienced all-events DJ and has entertained at events from Pennsylvania to Las Vegas. You can contact him by emailing